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Healing circle.A Healing circle is held every last Monday of every month at my home.

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Kids can Heal

Kids Can Heal Website is Launched!

I am so very excited about this website, and what it represents. It is dedicated to what you can do, with the power of your mind and your heart, your pure intent - to send the positive healing energies of love out into the world.

What is being proposed on this website is two-fold:

- that it is not just a physical act that can make a difference, but that it is what we put out energetically that can be a tremendous force for change.

Two - that the little children of our world can, and will, be the instruments of this transformation from a world of conflict, pollution and strife to one of love, balance and healing.

Please join with me to celebrate our planet and her amazing future and encourage the little ones in your world to explore their amazing potential to effect this transformation for our planet. Visit the Kids Can Heal website here

» View a riveting video about healing the planet here and
» another beautiful video of the same purpose here

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