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SOUL PORTRAITS by Maya Telford

Soul Portrait by Maya TelfordFor those of you who have had a reading from me in the past you will know that I touch on issues of the soul as well as past life significances that reflect what is presently happening in your life.

What you probably don't know is that I have been an artist for most of my life.

I am now combining what Spirit shows to me and turning this information/vision into a "soul portrait".

Taking everything Spirit is presenting to me, I paint a soul portrait for you, evocative of who you really are at a soul level and how that is impacting on your life today.

"I didn't truly understand until I saw this soul portrait, of how far removed I had become from the divine feminine. It was an amazing realization and one that has helped me in my personal life and relationship"
David Dawson

Life lesson and life purpose information is uncovered. Visual cues are very powerful and having this painting to refer to daily will greatly assist you on your spiritual path.

When this portrait is finished, you will receive a private reading to accompany it, explaining the art and symbols that have been used in your painting and also answering any questions you might have.

Soul Portrait by Maya Telford: She Sees Soul Portrait by Maya Telford: Madonna of the Milky Way
"When I first saw my painting I was overwhelmed with emotion plus it was oddly familiar and comforting to me. I meditate with my painting every day since I received it and I believe it has facilitated a deep healing within me"
Mary A.

This is a brand new offering from Maya

Package includes:

  • Original acrylic painting on 11” x 14” canvas or 16" x 20" canvas, your choice
  • Digital image of soul portrait
  • In depth private reading, $150.00 value

Introductory price of only $497 plus $25.00 for shipping and handling

Please contact Maya directly to arrange for your personal soul portrait.

"Maya has always been able to get to the very deep issues I am dealing with, however, this painting has taken me to a new level of self-understanding"
Joya Martinez
Soul Portrait by Maya TelfordSoul Portrait by Maya Telford
"The soul painting that Maya was inspired to create for me is a beautiful reminder of my journey and what's possible in my life. It also has anchored the brilliant reading she did for me".
Monique MacDonald, Author/Trainer/Coach

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Please contact Maya directly to arrange for your personal soul portrait.


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