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Soul Painting by Maya TelfordJoin Maya for a day filled with visioning, meditation, journaling and painting as she guides you on a sacred journey to your own divine feminine, your soul-self.

And join with other like-minded women in a red thread circle that has connected women in sisterhood with one another since the beginning of time. Come and feel how wonderful it is to find your voice, your tribe and yourself.

There is A New Kind of Woman arising on this planet, from maiden to crone and anywhere in between.

A woman who is invested in rebirthing herself into a new reality -- one where she honours herself (and is honoured) embraces her divine feminine within (and is embraced by it) invites her innate creativity to manifest in her life in all ways (and it does) surrounds herself only with like-minded individuals in her inner circle (and she does) walks between the worlds, accessing vital information from her spiritual guidance system (which she can and will do).

Our reality is changing in a myriad of ways.

Soul Painting by Maya TelfordThe great mother of all is rising up in women everywhere, bringing forth a new era of beauty, peace and hope. Count yourself among these brave souls all over the planet who are awakening to who they really are, embracing that essence and contracting with the Universe to assist in bringing forth this new age.

Absolutely no experience is necessary.

All supplies will be provided. You just need to show up with an open heart prepared to be amazed.

You will leave with a finished 16" x 20" painting of your creation.

Please contact Maya directly for dates, times and location.

Soul Painting by Maya TelfordSoul Painting by Maya TelfordSoul Painting by Maya Telford


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