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Happy New Year,

Barack Obama What a fantastic way to start off the new year don't you think with a new U.S. president, and what a president. Yes, the light continues to expand and we can begin to really experience this new energy. I am finding myself smiling a lot recently for no apparent reason, just a new, general sense of well-being.

Click here for a wonderful piece channelled by Mike Quinsey from the Galactic Federation about Obama and the future.

Also, please check out Roger Frampton's website where there are many wonderful radio broadcasts archived that you might find interesting.

And with the new year comes new resolutions. Let's talk about resolutions. Perhaps using the word "intention" would be more to the point. Intention is the key to manifesting anything and everything in one's life. So whatever your "intentions" are for this new year, hold the intention in your mind's eye, visualize it, breathe it and see it as happening at this moment.

Time is on Your Side

Carcadian Clock

Many have suggested that the most effective time of the day to do visualizations is right before bedtime. The latest research confirms that the timing of any treatment, whether alternative or traditional, is crucial to its effectiveness.

A recent article in NewScientist magazine (Aug 30/08) entitled, The Right Time for Cancer Treatment, concluded that chemotherapy drugs are up to twice as effective if given at a certain time of the day. This timing coincides with side effects being reduced by up to five times. So this is good information to remember. I too like to do my meditations and visualizations right before bed but I have to make sure that I am sitting up and not in bed as I will usually fall asleep.

Fat-Burner Visualization Enhancement


For those of you who use visualizations to enhance the quality of your life and have started the new year off with the "intention" to shed some pounds, perhaps you might want to consider a Fat-Burner Visualization. Recently an article appeared in NewScientist Magazine (Aug 9/08) entitled, Run All Day Long After Popping a Pill. Researchers discovered a compound which activates a gene that causes cells to burn extra fat by creating more mitochondria- which supply the cells with energy.

This compound is years from use in humans, yet you can integrate the idea into your visualizations today. Use this information to expand your fat-burner visualization by creating more mitochondria in each cell. Increase the number of them as well as their efficiency at processing fats to energy within the cells.

I personally am going to give this a go as I certainly need to "release" some weight and hey, if I can walk on fire, I should be able to do this don't you think. So here is a challenge to any of you out there who might want to join me, beginning February 1st and using this visualization, let's see how much weight we can lose.

Reiki Classes

Healing hands through Reiki

This past weekend's Reiki 1 class was wonderful with a great group of students. Everyone was so enthusiastic and I know they will all be sending light, love and healing out into the world.

Reiki 2 class will be held on May 30th in West Vancouver. Please contact me if you are interested in attending.

We have set up a Reiki exchange night for the last Thursday of the month, starting next Thursday, January 29th at 7 pm. This will be held at my home and if you would like to join us, please call me for directions.

Magic Book

And for those of you interested in a reading, the beginning of a new year is a very good time to check in with what the Universe is up to in your life.

Speaking of the Universe, here is a wonderful site You can sign up for a free daily message from the Universe. It is the first thing I read when I turn on my computer in the morning.

That's it for now. I shall hold the "intention" that for each of you, the coming month will bring much joy and many blessings.

Maya Telford

January 2009

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