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Hi there and welcome to my first newsletter!

Here it is almost the end of January and we are so well into the new year already. Lots of very exciting events taking place on the planet and much upheaval going on in many lives at the moment. This will be covered in depth a little further into this newsletter.

The Gypsy

hands holding a crystal ballAs some of you may or may not know, I have been doing voice channelling for many years. The person who speaks through me is a very colourful, Eastern European lady who I refer to as "The Gypsy". She has told me that while existing physically on the Planet, she lived in a tiny village in the Carpathian mountains. She also said that her name in that lifetime was Maja . Of course when I first heard this, I couldn't escape the serendipity of her choosing to come through a channel called Maya. More on that issue in further newsletters. It's quite a story.

I have always found Maja to be wise, compassionate and down to earth with information that is practical and useful. It would appear in her many readings for clients that she is far more interested in their personal soul growth than predicting world events, although she will, on occasion, give her opinion here and there on certain situations occurring on our world stage.

Monthly Podcast

And so this leads me to tell you that Maja has agreed to give a short, general message each month for this newsletter in the form of a podcast so that you may get to know her personally. I hope you enjoy her warmth, love and humour as much as we all have done to date.

You may click on the link below to receive this podcast. (You must have windows media player or Quicktime installed to be able to access Maja.)

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News of note

I am going to be partnering up with Rocky Krogfoss (The Migraine Healer) of and we will be going into the corporate world to offer healty iniatitives to stressed-out executives. Rocky and I will be at the Langely Healthy Living Expo on February 16th at the Cascade Hotel in Langley. I will be available to do (mini) short readings and Rocky will be doing healings and giving a seminar on corporate health and wellness. All My guided meditation CD's will be (available) there that day for sale as well. ( If you get a chance to attend), Please mark your calendars for February 16th and plan to come by and say hello.

New Meditations

Some of you might have noticed that more meditations have gone up on the website in the last little while. "The Spirit of Tobacco", a meditation to stop smoking, and "The Messenger", a meditation for overcoming cancer, have recently been released. "Transitions", a meditation for the seriously/terminally ill, will be available for sale and up on the site in a week or so. A weight-loss CD will also be added to this health and wellness section in the very near future. You may see all of my meditations here. Each one has a short audio clip for you to sample.

Planetary Healing

Over the next two months, we will be releasing two new meditations for children. One will be "The Journey of the Rainbow Warrior" and the other will be "Planetary Healing with the Rainbow Warrior". These will tie in with the new website that will be coming online within the next couple of months for children. It will be called and will be totally kid-friendly and interactive. Its focus is to empower children between the ages of 5 and 12 to learn basic spiritual principles that they can then use for their own inner growth and also for healing the planet. There will be forums, games, contests and lots of other really neat stuff to get kids onboard with this concept. Pretty cool huh?


The year is into full swing too with readings. Seems like a lot of people are wanting to get updated on their spiritual journeys. It is so wonderful to get caught up with old clients and also meeting new ones. I am looking forward to connecting personally with all of you.

Feature Article

Here are some interesting concepts you might want to consider incorporating into your life this year:

New Year's Evolution™
10 Steps for Maintaining a Youthful Mind & Body – For Life
  1. Simplify an area of your life. (A new personal filing system, hire a housekeeper, downsize the house or car)
  2. Invest at least 10% on your personal growth, development and training.
  3. Get rid of something that no longer applies to the evolving you. (A habit of yours, a relationship, a job, that nagging sore tooth)
  4. Improve your diet by eliminating something you know isn't good for you. (If you don't know consult with a nutritionist – there will be something!)
  5. Replace that food or drink which you eliminated with something that adds nutrition to your body and enhances your well-being.
  6. Do something to improve your body's performance - toning, strength, endurance or power. (E.g. Swimming, yoga, dancing, cycling, weight training, circuits, martial art, aerobics, running or walking)
  7. Expand your mind. Learn something new this year. (Home study, attend a class, read a book, new hobby, teach)
  8. Expand your friendships. Either deepen your relationship with someone you know or make a new friend.
  9. Bury the hatchet so you don't become a bitter older person. Forgive them and just move on – resentment is a waste of energy.
  10. Take a healthy risk. Build your courage by action and maintain that passion for life.
Art Showcase

To sum it all up, below is a fabulous painting from a dear artist friend of mine, Donna MacLaren who lives in Salmon Arm, BC. The title for this magical little piece says it all:

Donna MacLaren Energy Alerts

We will finish off this month with the website of Karen Bishop. She is a wonderful resource and her website issues energy alerts for the planet usually once or twice a month.

If you go to you will be able to view the latest energy alert of January 15th and also access other very pertinent information. This energy alert will explain what a lot of you might have been experiencing mentally, emotionally and physically in your lives over the last little while. Sometimes, I find, it really does help to understand the WHY.

Feedback Please!

Please send your feedback on this, our first newsletter. Let me know what you think, - was it helpful, insightful for you and what else you might like to see covered?

Every month I will be adding new information that comes to me. Also, please tell me of your experience with Maja and the podcast.

Have a blessed month. Love and Light to you.

January 2008

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