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Hi friends, so here it is the end of April. It sure has been one heck of a ride this month and May promises to be even more challenging, but rewarding too in its own way. For those of you who have not been experiencing anything unusual over the past month, just skip the following and go onto the next article below. However, I think just about everyone has been going through what I am about to explain.

The incoming energy waves have provided quite a ride for many of us. After the opening of the Lynian Star Gate, we are experiencing a rebound effect. Many have noted feelings of being unsettled, feeling that things are happening way too fast to understand and that they are out of control. And even with this sense of urgency, some are feeling these energies are shutting them down for a day or more at a time, while others are baffled by the extremely unusual behavior of those close to them.

Understanding seems to be at a record low as well in interacting with others. Communications have been even more affected than at a Mercury retrograde. Many times during the past few weeks I have even had the feeling that aliens invaded my body during sleep and altered my brain chemistry. Energy arrives like great crashing waves, momentarily unsettling everything in its wake. As this occurs, the energies act like doorways, pulling back the veils between worlds.

There has also been an unusual amount of interaction with our friends in spirit. As the energy swirls around us and through us, the veils keep getting thinner and thinner and we are understandably shaken up momentarily. Every atom within us seems to be smacking up against all the atoms of creation. This has been occurring non-stop for the past three weeks or so, and for those of us who are sensitive, even longer. (Ask me how I know this!)

The effect within our bodies and energy systems is like being stuck on a galactic roller coaster with no way to get off. We become disoriented, worn out, don't sleep well, if we are sleeping at all, and generally feel like saying "stop the world, I want to get off". This whole process will continue for at least another month or so. It will even rev up several more times between now and then.

At the time that this current cosmic episode begins to settle, there will be an astronomical series of alignments around June 6th that are going to stir things up even more. The alignment is going to bring a triangulation into our reality. As the triangulation begins to align itself, there will be a rising of consciousness. This may cause you to feel conflicted at first with great emotional swings. This triangulation is the first of seven that will happen over the next year and a half.

[[firstname]], there is no logical patterning here and because of this, it will be more difficult than normal to adjust to these new energies. If you listen to the Gypsy's podcast accompanying this newsletter, there is useful information there on how to flow with these new energies.


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What's New

Healing HandsReiki Training - For the many who have been asking when I will be doing my next Reiki class, I will be conducting a Level 1 Reiki Class in the Usui Method of Reiki Healing on June 13th and 14th at my home in Mission.

Level I Reiki gently introduces you to Universal Life Force Energy and teaches how it can be applied for your own health and well being and that of your loved ones. Reiki can even be used on animals and plants, both of which respond extremely well to it.

It is a technique that anyone can learn, and no experience is necessary. Without exception, everyone who takes this course is successful in learning this healing art. to hear more or to sign up.

Kids Can Heal

Kids can heal

The "Kids Can Heal" website was launched on Earth Day:!

I am so very excited about our website launch.

Kids Can HealWhat we want to achieve with this site is twofold. One - that it is not just a physical act that can make a difference, but that it is what we put out energetically that can be a tremendous force for change. Two, that the little children of our world can, and will, be the instruments of this transformation from a world of conflict, pollution and strife to one of love, balance and healing.

This site now has an interactive forum with our current question asking visitors, "If you could, what would you fix on our planet?" along with kids games and contests... all focused on assisting children to understand how powerful they are and what they can do, right now, to help heal the planet.

Please check it out: and spread the word. "We are all in this together".

Rainbow Warrior In keeping with the Kids Can Heal site and the work of the Rainbow Warrior, the following is a beautiful video clip of the song "Amazing Grace sung in Cherokee:

Click here to watch.

Nightly Affirmation Meditation

Dr. Anne Marie Evers, the Affirmation Doctor, has been doing a nightly healing meditation for many, many years now and has thousands of people joining her every night at 11 pm (PST). I encourage you to make this a daily practice not only to help others in need, but also remember that whatever you put out there in service will come back to you threefold. The following is from Dr. Evers:

The Nightly Affirmation (Everyone welcome to participate)

Anyone can participate in this prayer. All they need say is, 'I am joining in with Dr. Anne Marie Evers and her group." This particular Prayer/Affirmation Group has been going on for the past 17 years every single night without fail. We now have thousands of people worldwide, who join in, in their minds with us and affirm the following.

I invite anyone who wishes to join in with us to do so. Many miracles have been reported and I keep on receiving emails and phone calls telling of the many miracles taking place as a result of this Prayer/Affirmation group.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

God Bless You All
Dr. Anne Marie Evers


The Affirmation Nightly Prayer goes as follows:

Dear Heavenly Father

Woman PrayingThank you for our blessings and even those that don't seem like blessings. Thank you for the lessons therein. We jointly affirm for Divine Wisdom and Divine Order to our World Leaders, Peace in the World. Healing, Love and Respect to Mother Earth, A cure for cancer, aids and all disease and healing and love to our men and women in the armed forces overseas.

Then we add all our personal prayer requests together with the ones that I receive (100's monthly). I print them off, group them all together and I hold them in my lap when I do the Affirmation/Prayer every night at 11:00 o'clock p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Also after adding our personal prayer requests and those who have telephoned me, emailed or mailed me people to pray for, then we join in with all our prayer partners world wide.

We then join in with anyone, anywhere in the world, who at that very moment happens to be thinking thoughts of peace and love and we jointly and severally send those thoughts into every corner of the world.

This we ask in your Name, Amen And so it is!


View Dr. Ever's Website and Affirmations Products here

Spring Clean-up Week


In keeping with spring clean-up week, here is a timely video clip that I am sure you will find fascinating:

Well that's it for this month. There was a lot of information here but I didn't want to leave anything out. Hope you got to the bottom of it and that you will have a chance to watch the videos. Please send me your feedback and/or anything of interest that I may include here.

I wish you light, love and joy for the upcoming month and look forward to seeing you soon. Many blessings,

April 30 2008

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