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by Maya Cytrynbaum-Telford

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Maya's "Soul" Readings

Give Yourself a Gift of Healing, Connection and Enlightenment

A phone reading will bring clarification in your relationships, connection with your past lives and a deepening sense of inner wisdom with your life's challenges.

Give yourself a one-hour phone reading session
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Let Guided Meditations Help You Find
the Path to Your Own Light

Mayatations by Maya Cytrynbaum-Telford

Now is the time for Relaxation,
Revitalization and Healing ...

Woman meditating at sunset

Go on a spiritual journey that will awaken your awareness and guide you to a higher spiritual understanding ... Maya's guided meditations include visualizations and breathing techniques created to deepen your experience.

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Take a moment... relax... be comfortable... and begin to use the power of your mind to heal, empower, de-stress and connect.

Allow Maya's soothing voice to put you into a state of deep relaxation. Embark on a powerful meditative process easily and effortlessly.

You will soon find your mind, body and spirit releasing its unlimited healing potential through your highest form of consciousness in this meditative state.

Explore the guided meditations below where each has a sample audio clip that allows you to experience a portion of the meditation and the incredible journey it can take you on.

Find the Answers you Seek through these
Life Enhancing Guided Meditations

Mayatations can help...

Meditation at the Oasis Meditation at the Oasis

... in relaxation and de-stressing
The Spirit of Tobacco The Spirit of Tobacco

...release smoking from your life and quit naturally
The Ancient Traveller The Ancient Traveller

... an expectant mother understand and nurture the special spiritual bond between herself and her unborn child
Meeting Your Spirit Guides Meeting Your Spirit Guides

... those who wish to connect with their spirit guides
Overcoming Cancer Overcoming Cancer

...assist in your journey of healing from cancer and other life-threatening diseases
Planetary Healing - I hear the call of the Rainbow Warrior Planetary Healing - I hear the call of the Rainbow Warrior

... show you how to use your love and pure intent to heal the planet
Transitions Transitions

...those that are critically ill in a hospice or palliative care situation, release fear and understand their spiritual nature and their divine place in the universe
A Journey Into Past Lives A Journey Into Past Lives journey into past lives
The White Light The White Light

... Reiki practitioners and energy healers quickly get into their sacred space where access to all healing energy begins

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"This was spiritually true for me. In a world where we don't get much chance to expose ourselves to our own spiritual truth, these meditations have brought me to a higher level of enlightenment. I'm looking forward to listening to them all."
... David L.

Finding Peace and Tranquility

The services and products found throughout this site are created to assist you to find that calm, inner place within yourself... the place where all true healing and enlightenment begins.

The guided meditations will take you on a journey of self discovery, peace and tranquility... leaving you refreshed and unburdened of everyday stresses.

Man celebrating lifePersonal Healing Services are Offered:

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"I had the opportunity to work with Maya for my first Spiritual Reading. It was amazing how accurate her intuitions were. I left feeling like her reading was confirmation I was on the right track in my professional life. She also touched on some insightful information regarding a personal situation that has in fact already showed up in my life. Maya has a rare gift, packaged in an experienced, professional manner."

Kids Can Heal

Kids Can Heal - Children holding the earthThe earth is facing a crisis and action needs to be taken to reverse the damage that has been done. Our Children are the key by teaching them that they hold the power to heal the planet.

The Kids Can Heal website is dedicated to what you and your children can do, with the power of your mind and your heart, your pure intent - to send the positive healing energies of love out into the world.

Love is the strongest force in the Universe and once created, it can never die nor can it be destroyed, no matter what.

Kids Can Heal Meditation Series

Finding the Rainbow Warrior Journey of the Rainbow Warrior The Rainbow Warrior
and the Four Elements
Finding the Rainbow Warrior
Journey the Rainbow Warrior
The Rainbow Warrior and the Four Elements
View View View

» Visit Kids Can Heal to learn, experience, and partake in healing the planet

"Maya's calm voice and peaceful demeanor has a serene quality that can gently unravel the cares of the day and will take you to a tranquil state of deep relaxation. She provides meaningful meditations which both soothe the spirit and refresh the soul."
...Brenda J.


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