The White Light

...a guided meditation by Maya Cytrynbaum-Telford

Attention: Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers

Do you sometimes find it difficult to disconnect from everyday consciousness because of what is going on around you?

Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to get into that inner sacred space where all healing begins?

This attunement meditation was specifically created for use by Reiki Practitioners and other energy healers to assist them in achieving an enhanced meditative state in which they can quickly access high levels of healing energy while maintaining the utmost of balance and focus.

Listen to a sample of this meditation....

White light in cupped hands In our busy, mechanized environment, even the most grounded and centered individuals can sometimes find it difficult to disconnect from everyday consciousness to find their quiet, inner sacred space. This space is where access to all healing begins.

In this moment at this auspicious time on our planet, we desperately need all the healing energies we can find. Therefore I urge all healers who have heard the call to service, whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran, to avail yourself of this meditation - mainly for its ability to instantly put you into that sacred space - no matter what is going on around you.

This meditation will enhance the healer's inherent gift, holding you in the light and love of Spirit, enabling you to channel this precious energy to its fullest extent.

About Maya

Maya is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition of Reiki and has been practising Reiki for the past 20 years. She has been involved with many aspects of healing and meditation since childhood.

This meditation is just over 27 minutes long and is available in CD format.

Purchase your meditation today for only $19.98 on CD or $9.98 in MP3 format.


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