The Spirit of Tobacco

...a guided meditation by Maya Cytrynbaum-Telford

Do Want to Quit Smoking for Good This Time?

Is a loved one suffering from this addiction?

Are you tired of being an outcast among your friends... spending great quantities of time outside in the wet and cold for "a couple of puffs" while the party goes on without you?

This guided meditation by Maya Telford offers a gentle, loving approach to overcoming the addiction of tobacco or any other addiction you may be facing.

Listen to a sample of this meditation....

Smoke rising Are you ready to try a safe and effective method for overcoming this addiction and any other addiction that you are dealing with?

Have you always wanted to try meditation but haven't known where to start?

This meditation addresses the root cause and takes the listener on a journey into the self, a journey of love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing that will culminate in the release of cigarette smoking from the life.

The MindUsing visualization techniques and spiritual principles, this meditation offers another way to overcome addiction if it has come into your life. You will begin to understand how powerful your mind is and that you truly have the ability to change anything in your life once you know how to harness that power.

This approach is completely safe and natural and will co-exist peacefully with all belief systems, be they medical and/or religious.

About Maya

Maya is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition of Reiki, has been practicing this healing modality for over 20 years and has been involved with meditation and healing since childhood. She is also a dimensional reader and clairvoyant, trance channel, and spirit walker.

In addition to doing private readings and Reiki sessions, Maya conducts classes in Reiki and Meditation and holds monthly healing circles in her home. Also of note, Maya was a heavy smoker for many years and using the principles in this meditation, she released tobacco out of her life in 1993 for good.

Stop Smoking NOW and Begin a Journey of Health and Wellness through this Meditation of Releasing and Healing...

This meditation is just under 45 minutes long and is available in CD or in MP3 format for you to download and listen from your computer, burn to a CD or load into a playback devise.

Purchase your meditation today for only $19.98 on CD or $9.98 in MP3 format.


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