A Sacred Journey to the Divine Feminine

...a guided meditation by Maya Cytrynbaum-Telford

Are you ready to go on a Journey into the Sacred Feminine?

This audio download represents a meditative journey to the divine feminine. This energy is encoded inside each person, be they man or woman.

The sacredness of the feminine is so vitally important at this point in our evolution and is a crucial healing component on our spiritual journey.

Start your sacred journey today with this meditation!

Listen to a sample of this meditation....

About Maya

Maya is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradtion of Reiki, has been practising this healing modality for over 20 years and has been involved with meditation and healing since childhood. She is also a dimensional reader and clairvoyant, trance channel, and spirit walker. In addition to doing private readings and Reiki sessions, Maya conducts classes in Reiki and Meditation and holds monthly healing circles in her home.

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