Planetary Healing - I hear the call of the Rainbow Warrior

...a guided meditation by Maya Cytrynbaum-Telford

Do You Feel We Are at a Point of Great Crisis on Earth?
Are you needing personal guidance on what YOU can do to help?

Are you becoming increasingly anxious about what you see and hear every day in the media regarding global warming and all the other woes that just seem to be getting worse and worse here on Planet Earth?

This guided meditation by Maya Telford will help you understand what you need to do to help heal and balance our mother earth. One person CAN and WILL make a difference.

Listen to a sample of this meditation....

Earth being held in hands from the universe Are you being pulled to help in any way that you can but are frustrated because you just don't know what to do or where to start?

There is an ancient Cree Indian legend that says, "When the Earth is sick and the animals disappear, Warriors of the Rainbow will come to protect the wildlife and heal the Earth."

We are at a time now when everyone must become Rainbow Warriors and each take the responsibility to do what we can to bring healing and balance back to our sick and injured planet.

This meditation gives everyone, adult and child alike, an opportunity to do their part in becoming a Rainbow Warrior and assisting our Great Mother, the Earth, in her healing process.

All the great spiritual teachers from the past have voiced a common denominator, a denominator that binds us all together in humanity, and that denominator is LOVE. Love is the key the unlocks all hearts and all doors and makes all things possible. You must already have a great love for the planet or you wouldn't be drawn to reading these words at this moment in time. YOU must be another of the Earth's Rainbow Warriors.

About Maya

Maya is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition of Reiki, has been practicing this healing modality for over 20 years and has been involved with meditation and healing since childhood. She is also a dimensional reader and clairvoyant, trance channel, and spirit walker. As well as doing private readings and Reiki sessions, Maya conducts classes in Reiki and Meditation and holds monthly healing circles in her home.

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This meditation is 33 minutes long and is available in CD or in MP3 format for you to download and listen from your computer, burn to a CD or load into a playback device.

While doing this guided meditation, you will be shown how all of us can use our love for the Earth and our pure intent to bring healing to our Great Mother, and in the process, to ourselves. You will also be shown and given the understanding to use sacred spiritual tools for this purpose which can also be put into practice in your everyday life.

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