A Journey into Past Lives

...a guided meditation by Maya Cytrynbaum-Telford

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before?

If so, are you curious as to who you might have been?

Does the concept of reincarnation fascinate you?

Would it comfort you to know that you will get another chance in another life to correct mistakes that you have been unable to rectify in this one?

This guided meditation by Maya Telford offers you an opportunity to go on an incredible journey of discovery, into the Akashic records of the days of your lives on this planet. It will show you:

  • Who you might have been in other lifetimes and an understanding of what you accomplished there.
  • What lessons you have carried forward into this lifetime.
  • Why you might be struggling with certain issues now.

Listen to a sample of this meditation....

Stonehedge This meditation will also enable you to connect with the soul, that higher part of youself who always was and always will be - that part which is eternal and immortal. In this process you will be given the opportunity to understand how deep and infinite you are and how much power you carry over the events in your life.

Using visualization and breathing techniques and spiritual principles, this meditation offers a safe and effective means for journeying into your ancient past - your history (or herstory) uncovering who you might have been before and why that might be impacting on you now.

Over half the world's population believes in the concept of reincarnation. It certainly does offer another way to view life and to come to peace with some of its injustices.

So come and take an incredible journey into your past and see what mysteries are revealed.

About Maya

Maya is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradtion of Reiki, has been practising this healing modality for over 20 years and has been involved with meditation and healing since childhood. She is also a dimensional reader and clairvoyant, trance channel, and spirit walker.

In addition to doing private readings and Reiki sessions, Maya conducts classes in Reiki and Meditation and holds monthly healing circles in her home. Also of note, Maya also does private past life regression sessions.

This meditation is just under 35 minutes long and is available in CD or in MP3 format for you to download and listen from your computer, burn to a CD or load into a playback devise.

Purchase your meditation today for only $19.98 on CD or $9.98 in MP3 format.


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