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firewalkingWhen I was a little girl in grade 5, I did an essay on the fire walkers of the Fiji Islands. I remember now how fascinated I was by the whole process of these people walking in their bare feet on a pit of red hot stones.

Life has a funny way of bringing us full circle and in 1994 I fire walked for the very first time myself all those years later. By fire walking, I mean that I walked on a pit of red hot western red cedar coals 30 feet long. I did not burn my feet. We were given training to show us that what we believed actually was a truth. Since that first time, I have walked many times and not once burned my feet.

It was after my first fire walking experience that I realized just how powerful our MINDS are and that we can indeed have control over all aspects of our bodies through using the mind.

This was how I first began doing guided meditations... to help address so many aspects of the human condition that many of us are struggling with.

The MindOriginally from Montreal/Hawaii/Vancouver, I now reside on Vancouver's North Shore.

I am a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition of Reiki in which I teach all levels of Reiki. I am also a dimensional reader and clairvoyant, trance channel, and spirit walker. In addition to doing private readings and Reiki sessions, I conduct classes in meditation and hold monthly healing circles in my home.

I have a very busy schedule balancing my work in health care working with the disabled, my spiritual practice and my rapidly growing business in fabric dyeing and surface design.

Please Join Me in Helping Heal the Planet

Planetary Healing Meditation"Planetary Healing" is one of my Mayatations that has come at a very auspicious time as our planet is in crisis and needs all the help we can give to her.

This guided meditation provides a gentle and loving atmosphere in which you are shown how to apply your love and healing intent for the reclamation of Planet Earth.


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